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With the message Spread Life, Anosi supervised and coordinated, a series of fund raising events against AIDS for the following organizations: HELLAS, orphanage for HIV position children. Ivory Coast (www.actionafrica.gr). KENTRO ZOIS, a non-profitable organization (www.kentrizois.gr) UNAIDS (www.unaids.org). All of the events were organized with the close co-operation of UNAIDS and KEEL (Hellenic Center for Infectious Diseases Control). The series of events included: 28th February. Mega Channel dedicated 1 day to heightening awareness and fund raising for HIV-AIDS charities, during all of their current affairs/magazine programs, followed by a 3 hour Live Broadcast. Hosted by: Mara Zaxarea, Petros Filippidis, Rania Thraskia. Concerts - Salif Keita performed at The Athens Concert Hall 1st March 2006 and at The Thessaloniki Concert Hall on the 28th February 2006. Exhibition of Worldwide HIV-AIDS Posters - Covering a period of 25 years, with the participation of advertising companies - members of the EDEE association. Athens: Texnopolis Thessalonika: Milos Funds raised were donated to the non-profitable organization Kentro Zois, toGreek Action in Africa and to UNAIDS special program.