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The Company Facilities



ANOSI S.A. owns two (2) studios and offers facilities of high standards for the production of tv programs and advertisements with all the equipment needed plus auxiliary rooms.


Studio 1 has a surface area of 600 sqm.


Studio 2 has a surface area  of 150sqm.

The studios are 5,2 m height and are equipped with lighting suspension system, fully soundproofed and air-conditioned with silent operation.


Specious auxiliary rooms

The studios are equipped with dressing rooms, showers, professional make-up rooms and hair salons, wardrobes, props storages, storage, a communal kitchen and production offices with telephone and internet to facilitate the production team.

Control Rooms

The studios are supported with the equivalent Control Room with state of the art technical equipment of latest technology, according to the demands of each production. A Technical Manager is always available if needed.

Post Production

ANOSI S.A. offers Post Production services:

  1. Five (5) suites of HD digital editing with Unity 64 Tb.
  2. Six (6) suites OF SD digital editing with Unity 18 Tb.
  3. FLAME for Digital compositing. 

ANOSI S.A. provides clients with specialized and capable staff in the production department, with interest for the production’s needs and immediate solution of their problems.


Safety and comfort

The entire complex has fully automatic fire detection and fire protection,  CCTV system and 24-hour security.