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The Company Company History

The beginning of ANOSI was identified in 1987 with the creation of RODON CLUB. 

Ever since its very first year, RODON (1987-2005) was established as a permanent meeting point for several musical tendencies and artistic pursuits.  Top representatives of rock, pop, jazz, reggae, blues and afro-music have walked onto its stage. The venue is also offered for painting exhibitions, screening of experimental video projects and theater performances.

But, of course, musical ANOSIs activities didn’t stop there.

Organizing festivals and concerts by important figures of contemporary music in greater or open air areas has always been within the company’s aims.

With the establishment in 1989 of the first private Greek TV station, MEGA CHANNEL, ANOSI expanded to TV productions and later to film co-productions, monitoring in the beginning its efforts to youth oriented programs aiming not only the quality of the regarding contents but the attractive way of presentation as well.

MEGA HIT, MEGA TOP,  MEGA STYLE and TELEFTEO THRANIO (Last Desk) were all number one in the youth audience.

MEGA STAR  was broadcasted from 1989 to 2011, being the longest running show ever in Greek television.

The big step was made. Our vision to deliver inspiring entertainment has resulted in our outstanding creations . Our innovative and dynamic formats have helped redefine quality hit programming in Greek television markets and our passion for fresh ideas continues to drive our unparalleled success. Our group of experts have a single vision of building a premier enterprise and exceeding our clients expectations. Our Directors and crews are all highly experienced professionals, with many previous appointments.

The company is active in multiple genres including Dramas, sitcoms, talk shows, game shows, video clips, commercials, satirical programs, reality shows, talent shows, music shows, with a quality trademark. Almost all of ANOSIs productions were much higher in ratings than the stations daily or weekly ones. Like:


TOP 1 quiz shows like MEGA BANCA (Go Bingo) and RISKO (Wipe Out) and TOP 1 dramas like ENOCHI AGAPI (Guilty Love), LOGO TIMIS (Word of Honor) and many more.

TOP1 daily telenovelas like FILODOXIES (Ambitions) for 3 annual seasons, I ZOI TIS ALLIS (Querida enemiga) for 2 annual seasons, KLEMMENA ONEIRA (Stolen dreams) 1 season, still on air.

TOP 1 reality shows, like THE BAR, THE FARM, etc.

TOP1 comedy series, like 50/50 for 3 seasons, POLYKATIKIA (Aqui no hay quien viva) for 3 seasons.

ANOSI remains at the forefront of the creation of new television. Some of the brightest names in Greek television began their careers and continue to build them under the Anosi brand.

In the last years ANOSI co-produced many films : TSALAPETINOS TOU WHYOMING (Wyomings Heathcock) - 3 First Prizes in the Salonica Film Festival 95 and  MI MOU APTOU (Dont touch me) - Special Prize in the BERGAMO Film Meeting 97,  MOLIS HORISA (Just broke up), SOULA ELA KSANA (Soula, come back again), KINGS OF MYCONOS (with Australian producers), LOUFA KE APALAGI (Dissolving the army), selling from 150.000 till 750.000 tickets in this small country.

ANOSI’s technical equipment contains full studio with cameras and lights, externals lights, 10 post edit suites with AVID and FLINT, audio suite and all necessary surroundings.  

ANOSI  is a member of the PEGASUS Group Of Companies and her offices and studios are in the Pegasus Building in Halandri-Athens.

We remain focused on producing and delivering exceptional productions and service every frame of the way!